Friday, January 30, 2009

Twilight Socks

I love my Twilight socks! The pattern isn't mine, but I did modify it to add the lace up front. I made it a lace front mostly because I don't like to/can't sew seams. I also thought that it would look good, but that was the after thought. The left sock is the original design that was on the pattern. I made part of the design for the right sock. All in all, I think it's a great pair of socks.


I learned to crochet purely because of "Stitch n' Bitch: The Happy Hooker." If that book didn't exist, I have a feeling that I wouldn't have ever learned to crochet. But that book does exist and now I'm hooked (no pun intended)! Personally, I think crocheting if far easier than knitting. It's easier to manipulate the yarn into the shape that you want. I haven't really crocheted much, just small sample things and a baby blanket for a former teacher of mine, but I'm just getting started!

Knitting Roots

I decided to start knitting my sophomore year of high school. I had a friend who was knitting a hat during lunch, I thought the whole process looked pretty interesting. Then she knit me a scarf for my birthday, which I wear all the time. A few months later I saw another one of my friends knitting, so I asked her about it. She told me she had bought "Stitch n' Bitch: The Knitters Handbook" and loved it. This lead to me going to the bookstore and buying it. My first attempts were horrible, but it was fun. Now I can't stop knitting!!!